its the new moon
and i'm feeling full
of nostalgia
for you

all these years
and still you're my perfect muse

there is a sense of wonderment
and anguish
and longing

that keeps me coming back
to that crossroads
where i long for you
and i long to forget u

the dreamtimes
where i write rhymes
and you frequent

my subconscious
holds on to this
i could never forget u

although you haunt my dreams
and my heart's so open
it's beating
a melody
that touches
a deep place
within me

a glimpse into the mystery

so few and far between

i am such a fool

to obsess on you

your art
your music
your passion
your heart

inspires me to create
these melodies in harmony

a treble
for your bass

a synchronisitic miss firing

from both ends

but mostly i blame myself
for stumbling in your presence
rejecting the corner stone

was it you or me?

at times i forget
the intensity
the memories

but more often than not
you are hovering
like an angel
in my dream

you nudge me
in the direction
of pursuing my dreams

and for that i am so grateful
for you have given me hope
and shown me the way
to greatness

if only i could rise up
like the phoenix from the ashes
as u have

like the grandmothers

chants your name

over and over again
like a broken record

but this melody
is ever evolving

intimate secrets
that reveal the history
of our past lives
and why this time
u and i
are so close
yet so distant

but again
i can only
upon your spirit
like an angel

i implore you
to never stop shining
and striving for excellence
like the reflection
of the one twin flame

a perfect harmony

a treble for your bass

in music and in love
one day shall echo
thru time and space

and make its way
onto the page
words on paper
make for a delusion of grandeur

where u and i are...

reflections of god

the perfect halves to the wholeness
of the one true love

another year passes by
and still i wonder why u?

is there noone else that suites me so well
that i shall remain alone
if i am not to be yours...truly?

these questions
left unanswered

and so, i journey home
to my heart's center
and enter into a truce
with both my nemesis,
and my muse...

for this foolishness
makes for bittersweet
of the melodies of
a hearts song
that has been beating

all along…

it's the new moon
and i'm feeling full of
for u

all these years
and still you're my perfect muse...