Aire Redtree is a lyricist, composer, and a DJ that has been developing her own unique style of "Fairy Hop and Pixie Trap" over the past decade. She has been performing both locally and internationally, and has performed hundreds of shows throughout California and beyond. She's been performing in clubs, underground venues, and festivals since the late 90's, and is also known as a activist and a party promoter, and has produced countless events under her record label,, best known for her charity project BEATS FOR PEACE. Her lyrics uplift people with their spiritual nature, and her beats are sure to get any dancefloor feelin' the vibes.

Originally from the Midwest, Aire Redtree moved to Los Angeles in 1997, to pursue a career in the Music Industry. She landed an internship at Capitol Records, and quickly obtained a position with Revolution Records, a Warner Brothers subsidiary. She turned down a Major Record Deal, being turned off by the "Big Corporate Machine", getting a taste of what it was like on the inside, and has been developing her original sound, and vision of creating a more "family based" vision of what the Music Insustry should be ever since. She founded HER Music, a Non-Profit Record Label and Production Company in 1999 and has been both performing, and supporting other artists under the BEATS FOR PEACE PROJECT which was founded in 2001. She's produced and performed at dozens of her own self-produced events in both LA and the Bay Area, under her BEATS FOR PEACE Project, helping promote awareness of charitable causes, and help bring a heart to the underground dance and music festival scene. Originally a Folk Singer-Songwriter, Aire Redtree has written over 200 songs. In 2008, she moved to the Bay Area and began to DJ and perform live. Aire has performed at hundreds of venues including local California based festivals, clubs, and parties such as; Raindance, Enchanted Forest, Synthesis in Chichen Itza, Mexico, Stilldream, Foreverland, Lightning in a Bottle (Bliss Bar Stage), Loveseed, Mystic in the Trees, Burningman, Isis Oasis, Chinese New Year, and numeous other shows at 1015 Folsom, Beat Church, Alchemystik, Be Inspired, and many more, and even sang during two ritual performances at Symbiosis in 2009. The motto of her BEATS FOR PEACE Project is, "Music with a Message", and her vision is to help spread a positive message with her spiritual lyrics that bring a sense of purpose to the party. Aire Redtree was signed to Satya-Dharma Music and released her debut album in 2010. It can be heard at To learn more about her BEATS FOR PEACE Project, visi t Aire Redtree is currently in the studio working on an all original album, to be released in early 2016.